Online registration and login    

Online registration: simple and convenient

Online registration: simple and convenient

If you say A, then you must also be able to say B: if you invite visitors and participants you must also ensure their smooth registration and login.

Online registration via the baltazaar user interface is intuitive and comfortable. And a customized surface design in the CI of organizer or the event can also be implemented. We define the required query and mandatory fields together with the organizer beforehand.

If participant data is available, for example, from previous events, it is stored in the registration form, so the visitor will not have to enter information that is already known again. He can update his data, register himself and possible companions (the number allowed can be defined for each participant or group of participants), or cancel – and of course, book any services of the event.

Once registered, participants receive a short confirmation e-mail, which provides an overview of the services booked and includes a personal registration link.

A great framework for visitor management    

Important: correctly record all the details of the event

Important: correctly record all the details of the event

The «backbone» of visitor management is built on the compilation of an event’s data.

baltazaar would be pleased to demonstrate how tools such as Excel, as well as traditional mail solutions quickly reach their limits, and how organizers can make their lives much easier in a special technical environment.

In the best case …

  • all key data are known and compiled
  • the customer database of the organizer provides a good foundation
  • additional necessary information can be requested in the registration process
  • all booking options are available to visitors when registering for the event
  • registration deadlines, according to schedule, are integrated and binding (e.g. registration can close after a certain period)
  • groups of participants are defined and corresponding evaluations are possible
  • participants can be invited and addressed individually
  • accompanying persons are recorded at the same time, just as special requests and orders
  • logistics can be integrated with respect to the arrival and departure times
  • different billing and payment methods are possible
  • all components can be customized


Registration process    

What information is important for the registration process?

What information is important for the registration process?

A well-designed application process facilitates the ongoing planning and, ultimately, the on-site implementation for organizers.

Online registration is mostly recommended today: the web-based procedure allows the entire process to be conveniently depicted – from registration, confirmation to settlement – for everyone involved.

The specific communication needs of the participants, of course, must be taken into account and classical methods, such as registration form by mail or fax, can be added.

The application includes – depending on the concept – the participant and possibly his companion(s). Both registration and confirmation can take place online or by post. Participants can make any changes using a personal access link directly online.

Different participant groups can be defined and added to, for example, speakers, sponsors, partners, or VIP guests. Remember to register your staff members who will be working at the event.

Supreme discipline • your visitors will feel like royalty    

Der Besucher ist König

The VIV, the very important visitor, feels like royalty

baltazaar makes visitors guests. We call this the supreme discipline because satisfied visitors feel royally pampered and help you to achieve economic success.

Visitor management is a complex task. Discover a small article here on the individual components.

And if you need our support, our baltazaar Consulting Team will advise you personally to implement your project professionally. We make each of your guests feel like a «VIV», a very important visitor.

Making product presentation something special    

Another idea: added value through a suitable supporting program

Another idea: added value through a suitable supporting program

Promising in marketing and sales, popular with target audiences: the key to achieving sales targets is, for many industries, having effective product presentations.

As an organizer, your competitors’ offers compete with yours and you often deal with guests whose daily business is characterized by a lack of time.

With baltazaar, you can clearly differentiate yourself. Provide transparency for visitors at all levels of the event: arrival, transfers, lodging, meals, program, accompanying events – with baltazaar the event is perfectly timed down to the last detail.

Each participant will have a detailed overview of what, when, where something is to happen and how it can fit into his or her personal planning (business and private).

Organizers get room for flexibility: if it is known that this time, fewer but good partners have confirmed, so that the budget could be enough for the higher class hotel, its additional offers can be willingly accepted as further «highlights». If it is known that the high-volume Sales Team South cannot arrive until the second day, then important parts of the program can be rescheduled for that day.

Booking the conference program easily and conveniently    

Making program items convenient to book

Making program items convenient to book

During the invitation and registration process for conferences, it is important that all details and information are available to visitors as early as possible. And changes need to be updated immediately.

Businesspeople (and their assistants) are considered media-friendly – as long as the registration can be booked conveniently and contains reliable information.

They then control their schedules, travel details and often the registration either by e-mail, via website or via their mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, well thought-out communication and the use of web-based media are the tools of choice.

In the course of the registration process, a link first leads to the online registration is provided. The participant can choose from the desired offers and book them at his or her leisure.

If your conference is very complex and you are presented with an abundance of offers, a small window can be integrated into each in which the main contents are summarized. This saves the participant from having to return every time to the main information and the registration process remains clear.

Booked services can be settled via the desired form of billing (single invoice, company invoice) or by a personal credit card.

In addition, hotel offers can be added and parking spaces or transport tickets can be offered for sale. The ordering of the conference documents and additional information can also be integrated. And a lot more!

Arranging trade show meetings    

Set up meetings beforehand – not on the fly

Set up meetings beforehand – not on the fly

If you communicate your planned trade show presence to your potential customers and inform them of the date, the hall and stand number, you probably have in mind setting up meetings and conducting talks with them.

But many clients are not ready to spontaneously have meetings «on the fly». Professional visitors often have well-filled schedules.

Take advantage of baltazaar’s wide range of communication possibilities to be optimally prepared: the trade show will be integrated in the communication at an early date to provide interested visitors with the opportunity of arranging a meeting right at the stand.

They receive information about the products on show and planned presentations beforehand and they can communicate their interests or request written information.

And even for people who do not wish to make a fixed appointment, you’ll already have initial point of contact and the chance to follow up.

Events • every single one is a diva    

Gern im Mittelpunkt: Ihr Anlass und die Besucher

Gern im Mittelpunkt: Ihr Anlass und die Besucher

My event a Diva? This may initially sound strange, but in fact all events are like personalities.

For they have their own idiosyncrasies, and each event is unique and has its own will. Discover in small articles what is to be observed at most event types, what priorities you can set and how baltazaar can support you in this.